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It’s cold out there, right? And windy too. So when I drove over to Target and saw a bunch of people sitting outside the doors all wrapped up in blankets, my first thought was: “So they’re letting homeless people camp out here now?”

Nope. Turns out they have a much more serious problem. These people are waiting in line to buy Playstation 3, which goes on sale tomorrow. They are going to be sitting out there all night tonight as the winds whip up to 25 mph and the temperatures drop into the thirties. I truly don’t understand this. Can’t you buy the Playstation on another day? Of course, I still own the original Playstation, and quite frankly, I never play it, so maybe I’m the wrong guy to talk. But I think this is bizarre behavior!

I can think of better things to do tonight, indoors.

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  1. jack (unregistered) on November 17th, 2006 @ 9:28 am

    while I would never sit outside for 3 days to buy a video game console, it certainly is not surprising. The same ting happened for PS2, xbox 360, etc. Not to mention star wars, harry potter, lord of the rings movies. People want to have the newest thing first or see the movie first. video games are bigger business than movies these days and there is a huge shortage of PS3 because of manufacturing problems. So while those sleeping in the street for a night or two are going to freeze and shell out $600+ to get one they will also have the option of turnign around and selling it on ebay for $2000+. capitalism at work. I could probably have made more money taking 2 days off of work, sitting outside and then selling a PS3 than I did coming into the office. Congrats to everyone that got one, I’ll join in the fun in a year when the cost comes down a couple hundred dollars.

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