We’re shopping (or trying to)

This is our first Chicago holiday sans Marshall Field’s and with Macy’s. Time Out has some suggestions as to how Macy’s can woo us this holiday season:

-Give us a parade like the one in NYC on Thanksgiving. Here are some balloon suggestions.

-“Give the lady what she wants.” Or, give us what we want: 1) not to be treated like New York’s boring little sister, and 2) not to have our historic State Street store turned into a downmarket, “price check, please” warehouse.

And here’s another interesting article on big name stores that aren’t coming to Chicago. Apparently they’re afraid of the Midwest or something. But I think we can shop with the best of ’em, so all of these hotshot stores should give us a shot.

As far as holiday shopping goes, try some of these unique gifts:

2007 Chicago Birthday Calendar, “artwork and poetry by renowed Chicagoans like Herman Rosse, Shel Silverstein, Muddy Waters, Carl Sandburg; an eclectic range of holidays and city events; as well as the birthdays of hundreds of famous (and some not-so-famous} Chicagoans and other American legends.”

-Old school sports gear from Throwbackmax. Now you can sport a vintage 1983 Chicago Blitz shirt, 1974 Chicago Fire shirt, or 1968 Chicago Owls shirt.

-Cool local paper goods from La Familia Green, including journals made from VHS sleeves, album sleeves, and postcards.

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