Henry Hyde: Has He Left Yet?

The Chicago Sun-Times commemorates the departure of Illinois Republican Henry Hyde from Congress today after 32 years of what some people may call “service” (others may, in fact, not call it that). The short editorial states, in part, that:

“Hyde, 82, will be forever known as the author of the “Hyde amendment,” which banned federal funding for abortions, and for playing a key role in the impeachment proceedings against former President Bill Clinton. But he’ll also be remembered as –”

Having his own “youthful discretions” and then hypocritically shrugging them off during the witchhunt of Bill Clinton? Oh, it didn’t say that? Huh. Perhaps he will be remembered as the guy who said:

“We tell poor people, You can’t have a job, you can’t have a good education, you can’t have a decent place to live. . . . I’ll tell you what we’ll do, we’ll give you a free abortion because there are too many of you people, and we want to kind of refine, refine the breed. ”

That was his argument against federal funding of abortion. In fact, if Mr. Hyde had his way, it would be illegal to discuss abortion on this very internet. His sneaky tactics very nearly became a part of the Telecommunication Deregulation Bill of 1996. As it stands, only Roe v. Wade stands in the way of this quiet legislation becoming law.

But I’ve already spent too much time on this man. Good bye, Mr. Hyde. Really. Get out. Go!

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