Holiday Train

Holiday Train Interior

I’ve seen pictures of the outside of the CTA Holiday Train, and even seen it fly by up on the tracks, but I’d never realized how much they did up the inside of the train until I caught the last Red Line Holiday Train (of the year, not ever) on Wednesday. Nearly every surface inside the train is holiday-ified — the lights are all red and green, the poles become candy canes, the ads are replaced with jokes and ads for elf and raindeer businesses, and even the seat covers are replaced with Christmas tree and Santa covers.

It’s kind of remarkable how a couple of colored lights can trigger a stereotypical ‘holiday feeling’. I was running late leaving work that day and just missed a train when I got to the Chicago stop, so I was in kind of a bad mood. But when the Holiday Train pulled up, I was instantly all smiles. Even the immediate announcement that we’d be delayed for 5 minutes waiting for the train ahead didn’t bring me down — it meant more time on the Holiday Train!

Even more oddly, just sitting on the Holiday Train I felt a responsibility to be cheerful as we passed other trains and pulled into stations. (Not everyone shared that feeling — an old man sitting at the Armitage stop flipped off the entire train as we passed.) I ended up being a super-dork and missing my stop so I could stay on the train until Howard. Merry Christmas!

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