What We Wrote About in 2006

A fairly random look at 2006 on the Chicago Metblog, here’s the first sentence of the first post from each month:

January 2006: Brianne and I were just discussing the other day how the Museum of Science and Industry was by far the most fun museum on the planet. more

February 2006: They all say that, don’t they? more

March 2006: Just so you know, if you want to get me to help you with your thing, all you have to do is say “it’s an art project.” more

April 2006: Yeah. Right. Apologies to Steven for stealing his schtick. more

May 2006: On my way to work this morning, I passed Union Park, and the TV news vans, flag vendors and yes, protesters, were already gathering as of about 7:30 AM. more

June 2006: One thing about the Internet is, I dunno, there’s probably a fancy word for it, but I’ll call it dis-local-ization. more

July 2006: I gave up on the Cubs early this season and thankfully did not have the time or interest to watch the games this weekend against the White Sox. more

August 2006: Just take a look at what the weather is supposed to be for the rest of this week: It’s a typical Chicago summer I guess, but after a week(?) of this I am already looking forward to the fall. more

September 2006: A couple of days ago, Erica and I arrived home to find some returned mail. more

October 2006: I’ve pimped for them before, and I shall do so again: Local favorites the Ladies & Gentlemen’s debut CD is now available online from CDBaby.com. more

November 2006: I happened to be in a home that had cable television last night and ended up watching the opening night of the Bulls NBA season. more

December 2006: The Metroblogging empire, all fifty cities now, grew out a little blogging site focussed on an obscure American city called “Los Angeles” and blogging.la has just reached its 3rd Anniversary. more

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