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Ape Scores

Blewt Productions has something of a surprise hit on their hands with their Monday night comedy talent game show, Impress These Apes.

The show has a delightfully overblown framing device: far in the future, the presciently-named Professor Scoresboard captures the last three apes alive and vastly increases their intelligence. They rebel against him and use his technology to create a time machine that allows them to journey back to 2007, where 8 contestants must amuse the apes, or they’ll destroy the world with their Earthquake Machine.

The eight contestants, who were selected from open auditions, are given a new challenge each week: the first week was to compose and perform a song introducing themselves, week two was to perform three minutes of standup comedy, and week three saw the contestants dancing to randomly assigned pieces of music. The challenge for this Monday’s show is to present magic acts. At the end of the eight week run, the points leader will receive $250.

After some good press in the Reader and Time Out, the show has sold out for the last two weeks. But good news if you can’t make it to the show (and another possible reason for its popularity), is that every performance of every contestant, including their auditions, is posted on YouTube early Tuesday morning. (You can click the numbers underneath the contestants on the Impress These Apes site, or check out Blewt’s YouTube “channel”.)

Impress These Apes
The Playground Theater, 3209 N Halsted
Mondays through Feb 26, 8 pm

Disclosureburg: My wife is a contestant in the show.

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