Paul Krassner on Chicago 10

chicago10.jpgBoingBoing has the complete text of an article by Paul Krassner, which was excerpted in the LA Times, about the new documentary Chicago 10, about the 1968 Democratic Convention riots. The film mixes archival footage with animated re-enactments, four of which Krassner wrote:

2. “Got Permit?”: We meet with Chicago deputy mayor David Stahl, attempting to get a permit for the revolution…oops, I mean permits to sleep in the park, set up a sound system and march to the convention center. Excerpt: “STAHL: C’mon, tell me, what do you guys REALLY plan to do in Chicago? PAUL: Did you ever see that movie, Wild in the Streets? [A thought balloon shows the image of a group of teenagers dumping LSD into the water supply.] STAHL: Wild in the Streets? We’ve seen Battle of Algiers. [A thought balloon shows the image of a guerrilla woman, fully covered except for her eyes, planting a bomb in a cafe.]” What would occur in Chicago that summer, then, is a clash between our mythology and their mythology.

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