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In keeping with the Bears mania, Ziggy over at Overheard in Chicago has had some good quotes from Chicagoans on the street over the past couple of weeks. Check ’em out:

Bears Fan: (on cell) “I’m just letting you know that if the Bears win the Superbowl, I’m sleeping with whatever woman is closest to me. Whether you get mad or not is your problem. You were invited and turned me down. No it’s a Bears sex free-for-all. And, hon? I’m rooting for the Bears to win twenty times.”

– Green Line
— Submitted by Poset

Guy #1: “I just need help finding tickets is all.”

Guy #2: “Everyone needs help finding tickets. It’s not like they’re readily available at face value.”

Guy #1: “But this is the Bears. In the Super Bowl!”

Guy #2: “Oh. It’s not the Icecapades? How do you manage to remember how to breathe?”

Guy #1: “I use mantras.”

– State and Lake
— Submitted by Carly

Bears Fan #1: “I’m just saying, they better keep him as a coach and pay him.”

Bears Fan #2: “He’s the best thing we’ve had since Ditka. They’ll keep him.”

Bears Fan #1: “They better. He’s the lowest paid coach in the league. I know he’s not making a fuss and all, but that’s not cool. We’re the Bears.”

Bears Fan #2: “A, THEY are the Bears. B, you aren’t shit except a guy who sits in the stands three times a year and screams while getting drunk. C, I only WISH I was the lowest paid coach in the league. So fuck you.”

– Outside Soldier Field
— Submitted by NFC Champs

Guy #1: “Oh man. Oh MAN! I can’t wait. This is going to be freaking spectacular! SUPER BOOOOWL! WHOOOOOOOO!”

Guy #2: “Yeah. Miami, here we come. SUPER BOWL! BEEAAARRRS!”

Guy #1: “Forget that. I’m talking Super Bowl Shuffle. Iron Lovie Smith. Sweetness Thomas Jones. The Industrial Refrigerator Alphonso Boone. Mama’s Boy Hunter. It’s ’85 all over again baby.”

Guy #2: “If we weren’t in public, I would be punching your drunk ass in the face.”

Guy #1: “Ditka-style?”

– Outside Soldier Field after the Bears WON THE NFC CHAMPIONSHIP!
— Submitted by #1 Bears Fan

Guy #1: “When it was 16-0, I was all about the Bears. Then it was 16-14, and I was all about the Saints. Then the Bears started kicking ass, so I was all about the Bears. I knew they were going to win. I just like sweatin’ myself.”

Guy #2: “Fuck off.”

– ESPN Zone
— Submitted by Mini

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