The Bottom Line #1–Konak

The Bottom Line #1–Konak Pizza and Grill5150 N. Clark StreetWhat’s not to love about Konak? They serve food way later any other Andersonville restaurant, are the creators of the much admired “Chicken Chop,” and are the most theatre-friendly bar in the neighborhood. So how does the bathroom compare?First, there is a little stroll to get to the bathrooms past the dartboard, so make sure you look both ways before you cross the board. On especially chilly nights, it can be kind of an arctic tundra back there, too. There are separate men/women rooms, and each is a one-seater, so that is a plus. The bathroom is fairly lowly lit, and pretty barebones–there is a mirror and a towel dispenser and that is about it. Both nights I was there last week found there to be no soap, which I found to be rather bothersome. However, I didn’t find the toilet to be scary, so I could sit in peace (not always the case in a low lit bathroom.)Cleanliness: 4Amenities:0Atmosphere:1Overall Rating: 2Not the best, but not the most frightening either.

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