Crooked Still at the Old Town School

Back from a week of can’t-ride-bike-because-knee-hurts depression. Everyone always says “Isn’t it too cold to ride your bike?” No. Isn’t it too cold to to stand dead still for twenty-five minutes on a windy train platform getting your heart broken by Brown Line train after Brown Line train as you pray futilely for Purple? One solid week of riding the train and not a single Craigslist missed connection to show for it. “You were that angry blond guy with the puffy eyes who looked like he hadn’t slept in three days. I was the cute brunette who kept catching your eye as you were glaring at me from across the aisle because I had my iPod turned up way too loud playing that one The Fray song on repeat all the way up to Evanston. We got off at the same stop, and I meant to talk to you, but I don’t think you heard me over the sound of your own profane muttering. Would you by any chance want to grab a coffee or something?”Anyway, there’s a pretty cool show coming up at the Old Town School of Folk Music. The Old Town School, for anyone that doesn’t know, has one of the best auditoriums in the city for seeing live music, and they’ve got a particularly good concert series this month and the next. On Saturday, March 10th at 8:00PM, Crooked Still is opening up for Karan Casey. I don’t know much about Karan Casey, other than she was the lead singer for the band Solas (who I remember as being a pretty good Irish group, although it’s been a while). Crooked Still, however, is awesome. A beautiful singer with a beautiful voice. An absolutely awesome (and a little bit wacky) cello player who drives the whole band. A banjo player who plays with 3 finger picks (the infamous ‘four-finger roll’ for all of you banjo players out there*), although he might be touring with Bruce Springsteen now.Folky, bluegrassy, rootsy, poppy, mellow, moving, drivin’ stuff. Definitely not at all country or hillbilly sounding. Take a listen on their website, but I promise you they’re even better live. I saw them last at the Rockygrass bluegrass festival in Colorado, and out of all the amazing bluegrass they had there, these guys stole the weekend.* I know, I know. None of you that read this are cool enough to play the banjo.

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