¡Viva La Illinois Masonic!

In the spirit of “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone*”, I would like to sing the praises of the Women’s Health Care center at the Illinois Masonic Hospital. I’ve been a patient of the Women’s Health care center for many years, and I have only had great experiences. I love my doctor, and she knows everything about me–my medical history, my family’s medical history, my family’s family’s medical history–and she amazingly remembers little details that most doctors would overlook. I never feel rushed, and I honestly feel like she really cares. I’ve never had a doctor like that before, and I recently have found myself bragging about how great they are to numerous people and recommending them to friends.For example, for a little while I was going to an amazing nurse practitioner (who sadly isn’t there anymore) who absolutely went above and beyond the call of duty: I called at about 9pm one night to leave her a message about some samples of a prescription I was about to start taking. She answered, catching me totally off guard, then asked ‘Where do you live?’ Yes, at 9pm on a weeknight, she drove to my house to bring me the samples. I was totally blown away by that. So I did what any old gal from the South would do, I packed up some vegetable soup and cornbread that I had just made so she could have a nice hot dinner.So imagine my shock and horror when I called them last week to make an appointment and update my new insurance info, only to find that (HORRORS!) the Illinois Masonic does not accept it! No more extended medical records! No more wonderfully comfortable doctors! Sadly, I cannot afford to pay out of pocket, so now I am having to start all over again with a new set of doctors–doctors who don’t know my personality. Who don’t know which of my joints have arthritis. Who are…different. But I refuse to give up.So cheers to you, Women’s Health Care Center. I’ll hopefully be back in your care soon.*I realized how great they were before I learned that I have to stop going there. How totally, wonderfully great.

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