Some bloggers feel some pressure to post on a fairly regular basis (every day that I don’t post, Sean Bonner kills a kitten) but not so Spiky and Mr. Cog of The Reader Sucks. They’ve just posted their first entry in well over a year. Did they take all the time off because they’ve been loving the Reader in the meantime? Um, no:

[C]ritiquing the Reader, however purging it may be, has the drawback of requiring you to read the Reader. We just got fed up with it.

The stuff they’ve trotted out for the last few months hasn’t re-piqued my interest. I’d like to cite a couple of cover stories as examples of badly-done stories about incredibly petty topics, but I honestly can’t remember what they’ve covered lately. Something about a DJ? Maybe a couple of environmental-watchdog things that will have no effect whatsoever?

Welcome back, you grumpy, grumpy guys.

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