International Metblogs Streetart Competition

The Boxing Broccoli

The Berlin Metblog has thrown down a gauntlet – they think Berlin has the best streetart in the world. But to make sure, they’re opening up a worldwide competition. For the next two weeks, we’ll be taking submissions to a Flickr group called Metroblogging Streetart (please tag the photos with “chicago” and “metblogs”). If you want to enter a photo in the contest, but for whatever reason don’t want to deal with Flickr, you can also email me photos. Please let me know where(ish) the photos were taken and whether you want your name used.

You’ll vote for Chicago’s favorites from April 18-25 and then the top 3 will go into a global pool for another week of voting until we declare the Best Streetart in the World(tm) on May 3.

There’s already been a lot of discussion behind the scenes here, so let me emphasize that we’re not asking you to go out and vandalize something to enter the contest, but rather to document the streetart and graffiti that already exists (and will continue to exist regardless of our little contest).

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