Thanks to the comments online and in life, I came to a decision about ZORRO. I decided to leave it behind. I returned to the library, triumphantly, I might add.I’m still working on my Shelf 2 wrap (you’ll get that soon, then what I chose for Shelf 3), but I noticed a sign that piqued my interest: Summer Jobs.I got a little envious. I could tell from the Crayola font that it’s geared toward teens and back-from-collegers, but I remembered my days working in the Royal Palm Beach, Florida library (for free, mind you). It was a blast.In addition to tallying the reading records of kids’ summer reading programs (if they read X number of books, they got a t-shirt and an invite to the pizza party), I also stocked the shelves. This part was dull, but occasionally, I’d be in the stacks and someone would ask me where a certain book was located. I would also shelve the occasional book upside down, just as a surprise to library patrons. Whenever I see a book upside down now, I smile and wonder if a bored 12-year-old has been tracing my footsteps.The coolest thing I did that summer was try and decode “I am the Walrus” by the Beatles. The library staff had an old record player with a lot of different speeds. I had access to it. I think, by the end of the summer, I decided that they weren’t saying “John is dead” as I previously had been told, but instead saying “Paul is dead,” which didn’t make any sense at all because, if they were predicting their own deaths, they had totally missed the mark. Ah, kid logic.In any case, the Chicago Public Library is hiring for the summer. If you’re a teen, college student, or tween, give it a go because it’s a lot of fun. You might actually get paid.

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