Hot Doug’s

Where do high-flying British three-star chefs go to eat when they come to Chicago? Hot Doug’s, of course.

I went to Chicago, and I went to Alinea. The boy there [chef Grant Achatz] has got extraordinary technical ability. This boy, I believe, can win three stars in the Michelin guide. But do I want to sit in that environment, where I’m dictated to? No. I’m told these are my two choices, 12 courses or 24 courses. It’s not my thing. It’s just too much; I get bored by it. …

But when I was in Chicago, I also went to Hot Doug’s, and it’s amazing. There’s a queue like you’ve never seen. Doug [Sohn, the owner] has got one eye on the kitchen, one eye on the room, and he’s taking their money. I loved him — he’s an old-fashioned restaurateur. Even that one, it isn’t just hot dogs. They are hot dogs with a difference. [Sohn] has a sausage maker, they work out the recipes — so you might have a sausage with rabbit, with mustard, and with the onions and cheese on top. What a lunch! But you know, and here’s the thing: That boy serves a hot dog — and a great hot dog, let’s not forget that — but at 4 o’clock he closes the door and he goes home to his family. He doesn’t leave anyone else to look over it. Interesting, isn’t it? He has the same philosophy as a great chef. [Salon]

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  1. Chicago 2016 (unregistered) on May 23rd, 2007 @ 1:00 pm

    Mmm, sounds good right about now. But then, I’m always thinking about food.

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