Fuzzy’s Hecky’s Ribs Hash

On Sunday morning I found myself with a leftover 3/4 of an order of Hecky’s rib tips. It seemed a bit early for straight meat and I flashed back to a brisket hash I’d had at the Cowgirl in Sante Fe. And what’s a hash but meat and eggs and potatoes? And the rib tips were still resting on the french fries they been served on! So, Fuzzy’s Hecky’s Ribs Hash:

3/4 of a leftover order of rib tips, with french fries.
8 eggs.

Spray some spray oil into a skillet, heat to low heat.
De-bone and -gristle the ribtibs into the skillet*.
Throw the french fries into the skillet.
Mash at the french fries with the edge of a spatula and stir the meat and french fries until warm.
Add eggs and scramble.
Serves 4. Goes great with grapefruit mimosas, which makes no sense, but it’s true.

* This step is messy and tedious and makes brisket hash sound a lot more sensible.

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