The Bottom Line #4–Opera

The Bottom Line #4–Opera1301 S. WabashOpera - Women'sWomen’s Bathroom at OperaThe atmosphere at Opera is pretty funky-cool. Very colorful with lots of reds and colored glass and private “vaults” for dining. I was confident that the bathroom was also going to be pretty awesome, but boy was I disappointed.The bathroom is fairly large with multiple stalls with big heavy doors for lots of privacy. However, every single stall the night I was there was completely disgusting. Nothing was clean, and there was toilet paper strewn all over the floor. All of the rolls were empty, but there were stacks in every stall. Normally this is a good thing in my opinion to have extra TP in a stall, but couldn’t the staff make a periodic check to make sure everything was presentable? In my limited experience in the food service industry, we were supposed to check the bathrooms every time we walked by.In their defense, the walls are lovely–there is good art and a great rustic paint job that does match the decor of the rest of the place. But there are no amenities–only a couple sinks and a giant mirror.Cleanliness: 1Amenities: 0Atmosphere: 4Overall: 2Maybe I was just there on a bad night. I have plans to go there again soon, so we’ll see…Opera - Men'sMen’s Bathroom at Opera

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  1. tricia (unregistered) on July 25th, 2007 @ 5:59 pm

    Looks pretty bare bones. At least there was tp.
    I enjoy reading your reviews of Chicago’s loos. A bad bathroom needs to be flushed out. They can’t keep a lid on it with you on the trail!!

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