237 Reasons

You’ll need to login to view the online article or may have already seen the lead story in the Chicago Tribune, 237 Reasons To Have Sex. Call me naive, but I never knew there were so many reasons! A lot of them make perfect sense while others seem to be a bit of a stretch.

“It seemed like good exercise”, “I wanted to get a raise”, “Because of a bet”, “I wanted to say ‘thank you'”, and “to feel closer to God” were just a few. That means only 232 more to go!

Number one, this was the lead story in the paper today. Does that make sense? Number two, I’m not really expecting anyone to chime in with a good reason, a bad reason, or any other reason to have sex that is not listed in the article, but it would be interesting to hear especially if it’s not one that comes up very often!

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