Greetings, Chicago

I’m Don from DC and I’ll be guest-blogging from here for a few days. I’m here tagging along with my darling girlfriend as she does a little work here in the second city, and thought I’d take this opportunity to expand my collection of unread Chicago Trib Magazines. If you can’t tell, the ones pictured are from 2004 and 2005 – I didn’t come along last year, so there’s a hole in my “collection.”

It’s not that I meant to hold and treasure the things, I just haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. A sane person would have thrown these out long ago, but I’ve got a soft spot for Sunday supplement magazines going back to my youth in Miami with Tropic magazine, which launched the career of an obscure fellow named Dave Barry. Plus, an article about pubs? You wouldn’t expect an Irishman to throw out a story about the emerald isle, would ya?

Anyway, I’m here for a few days and my darling will likely be busy for much of that, so I’m deciding how to entertain myself. We’ve all got our lists of places we send our first-time visitors, but where would you send a third-time Chicago visitor? What’s on your list that’s far down, past the Pier and the bean and the Aquarium (though I may go back to see your new baby beluga…) but still worth seeing? Or what’s too weird for you to suggest to the neophyte visitor?

Or what, perhaps, would you like to see a naive Chicago metroblogger do and write up?

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  1. Anon (unregistered) on September 16th, 2007 @ 12:49 pm

    Take an architecture tour. This is a good one:

  2. Don (unregistered) on September 16th, 2007 @ 12:59 pm

    Anon, I’ve done the river-based architecture tour twice now – would the walking tour be a notable improvement, or enough of one to justify another one?

    I’ve considered one of the boat tours that go out into the lake, as I have never done one of those. A few people have told me that the best bit about them is going through the lock, however, which doesn’t seem like a ringing endorsement.

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