Get on the holiday train-WOO WOO!

It is December and I’ve successfully ignored all attempts to force me into the holiday spirit before I’m ready. At the end of October, I could see the upcoming winter holidays slowly overtaking my precious Halloween:


That precise line of demarcation separating autumn holidays and winter holidays existed in a CVS on Damen and Lawrence.

I will admit that I am a bit of a Scrooge. Not in the parsimonious, misanthropic Victorian morality tale sort of way from the Dickens story. I just get burned out by November 5th from the sensory and commercial overload. I just want to take off my costume, swallow my bit of turkey, digest for a month, and THEN put on my reindeer sweater.

I was doing well making my November holiday free. But then I got hit, not once, but twice by the CTA’s Holiday Train.


Not literally hit, of course, that would have been tragic. I mean I saw this thing cruising around the red line tracks at the same time as me. I did not get on the candy cane flavored eggnog induced fever dream of a ride, but I did enjoy the site. And since now it is December I can less begrudgingly get into the holiday spirit. I have taken out my Charlie Brown Christmas tree and started listening to my mash-up holiday album Santastic.

CTA, you may not run as efficiently (or sometimes at all) as I would like, and you mysteriously are almost about to shut down service and raise fare rates. However, come holiday time you take care of spreading cheer like it’s no body’s business. And that’s…well…that’s something.

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