Alert! Warning! Danger!


So Nobody’s Business has the story today (brought to wider attention by BoingBoing) of a flyer on the City of Chicago’s website urging us all to turn Stasi on each other and report behavior that is… well, that’s either so common as to be useless — “note taking, binocular use, cameras, video, maps” (so all tourists are terrorists?) — or so blindingly obviously bad-guyish that a three-year-old would know it should be reported. Like, say. “Attempts to improperly acquire explosives, weapons, ammunition, dangerous chemicals, etc.” Yeah, you think that might be cause for concern?

I’m wondering, though, if anyone’s actually seen one of these around town? Or would it have just moldered on the City’s website if the blogs weren’t all pointing and laughing?

And seriously, that flier’s ugly. If we’re going to have government fear-mongering, can’t it at least be well-designed?

P.S. “playing out scenarios”? Thank goodness someone is finally going after those damn LARPers.

(Thanks, Chris)

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