Cool Beans

Andersonville’s latest joe joint, The Coffee Studio, has quickly become one of my favorite writing spots. The baristas make a mean vanilla latte, and the heavenly hot chocolate delivers a gourmet sugar high when my caffeine buzz starts to fade. The decor is worlds away from more cluttered, cozy spots, such as Kopi Cafe but even the sleek-chic modernism is starting to grow on me. (On my first visit, I declared The Coffee Studio the lovechild of IKEA and Starbucks, but that vanilla latte has softened my stance a bit.)

Direct-trade coffee beans, organic milk and, well, the fact that they’re not Starbucks certainly adds to the Studio’s appeal. Plus, if you’re feeling inspired by their general fabulousness and are itching to launch your own cafe, check out the nifty “How Did We Get Here?” section on The Coffee Studio blog for a blow-by-blow account of their illustrious beginnings.

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