Misery loves company (or it takes a company to measure misery)

According to Forbes Magazine, Chicago is the sixth most miserable city in the nation. 2246811267_5a105a5fe1_m.jpg

Predictably enough, Detroit is the most miserable city (Flint, MI is right on its trail at number two).

Oddly enough, Charlotte, NC is on the list at number nine.

What common factor could these three cities have to pull them down into the depths of misery? One could point to the fact that I have lived in all three of these cities during my 30 years. It breaks down like this: ages 2-14, Charlotte; ages 21-24, Detroit; ages 25-30 Chicago.

Of those three epochs, the only place that I have been truly miserable was Detroit. Even when I went back and visited my family this Christmas I got depressed, and I was there for only a week.

But where was I during that missing 15-20 year old period? I was living in Cleveland, OH. Forbes Magazine, are you trying to tell me that people in Charlotte and Chicago are way more measurably miserable then folks living in “the mistake on the lake”?

I think you might want to run those numbers again Forbes.

If I had to rank major cities I lived in by my level of miserability then it would be (on a scale from crap to yeah!): Detroit, Cleveland, Charlotte, Chicago.

Sure Chicago is cold, and this week it’s gone from foggy to blizzard before you could say Mike Ditka. BUT this is the least miserable I have been in one place. I blame the great food, rocking summers, and some of the best local comedy and music in the nation for my lack of misery.

Also, when the weather gets to be too much, I can always go visit family in Austin, TX.

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  1. Thad (unregistered) on February 6th, 2008 @ 9:38 pm

    Funny. I live in Austin, and when suck-butt weather down here gets to me I go north to Illinois and visit family.

  2. Bryan Bowden (unregistered) on February 6th, 2008 @ 10:30 pm

    Ha! I guess it’s all relative…pun fully intended.

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