Stolen moments with Chicago…

So, here’s the thing. For the next four weeks or so, I will be back and forth between my new hip, swingin, amazing pad in Chicago to my old stupid, stinky, job in *gasp* Rockford. It’s awful, and I’m not really happy about it. At all.

But, being the optimist that I am, I have decided to make the best of my situation. Every week when I am in Chicago for all of three days, I will take in as much city life as humanly possible. And then I will tell you all about it. Basically, I am forcing you all to join me on my final countdown as I finally. leave. Rockford. For good.

Seriously. It’s probably going to get to the point where you might even start to hate me a little. You’ll be all “Nellie, we get it, you love Chicago and you’re glad to be here – shut up already!” and I’ll be all “No! You can’t make me!”

First stop this weekend? iO!!

I’m going to go by iO tomorrow night and check out the improv jam. I’ve not been to the jam at iO yet, only Second City, and I’m very interested to see the difference and experience a whole new school of thought! And I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say about my experience afterwards – don’t you worry your pretty little head(s)!

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