Rock of Love 2

Adam, Fuzzy, and Rock of Love's Ambre Lake

Who’s that hamming it with with Rock of Love 2‘s Ambre Lake (and her best friend Adam, from the Exes Episode)? Why, it’s me! Am I shy about exploiting my friend’s new-found fame? I guess not! For the spoiler-shy, I’ll hide the rest after the jump…

So we’ve reached the penultimate episode and Chicago’s own Ambre made it — she’s in the final two. Pretty crazy for a lady who only squeaked through the first elimination when another girl took herself out of the competition. This episode featured the women’s parents (and Daisy’s ex-boyfriend’s sister) visiting the house so Bret could ferret out some more nuggets of drama. Ambre’s big shocker was that she had lied about her age. Out of all the crazy messed-up folks we’ve seen in that house, only lying about your age should get you a merit badge. (And Ambre claims on her MySpace blog that she never lied anyway — that it was tricky editing that made it seem so.)

Next week, the trio (and, I assume, Andre the Giant Big John) head to Mexico for Bret to pick his main squeeze. Will Bret go with a smart, fit woman with her head on her shoulders or a weird little stripper? Well, this is Bret Michaels…

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  1. Bryan Bowden (chi_bryan) on April 7th, 2008 @ 4:35 pm

    I think folks should go to the crazy live game show Don’t Spit The Water at The Playground Theater (3209 N. Halsted) at 10pm on one of the Saturday nights it’s playing. There they can buy the Timekeeper Willis Bootcamp DVD with Ambre Lake in it which I will sign…um…I mean Timekeeper Willis will be more then happy to sign.

  2. smussyolay on April 11th, 2008 @ 2:58 pm

    jealous. i didn’t know that ambre was from chicago. this makes a TON of sense. i LOVE ambre. and who else did i LOVE from last season? jes. although, i have to admit why do *both* of them have such strange spellings of their names? that aside, both of them are/were the ones that stay out of the drama, are not big whores, are totally even keeled, are smart and pretty classy given the material we’re working with, and always have seemed the best pick out of all of those crazy chicks.

    midwest represent, yo!

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