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Roger Ebert has a blog. Everyone should read it.

Y’all know who Roger Ebert is. Chances are every one of you, at some point or another, has made a decision about whether or not to see a movie based at least partly on something he said about it. I don’t think anyone would argue there is a more influential film critic in the business today. And if you ever get a chance you should take a look at the Great Movies section of his website. Reading a few of those articles is the equivalent of the most in-depth Introduction to Cinema course you could ever hope to take. Mr. Ebert knows a lot about movies — but that is not why I read his reviews.

Beyond all the fun of the thumbs-up/thumbs-down business, there is one fact that goes shamefully unnoticed: Mr. Ebert is an amazing writer. This is why I’m so excited that he’s keeping a blog: More Ebert to read. And it covers everything outside the scope of his reviews, from his insights into the inner workings of film festivals to his early days as a sports writer in Champaign-Urbana. He of course touches upon his health issues, but as they are already well-documented elsewhere he only brings them up in his blog when they have to do with the main subject.

I believe the reason Mr. Ebert is at the forefront of film criticism is less because of his knowledge of film and more because of his ability to communicate his opinions. He is not a film guy who likes to write; Mr. Ebert is a writer who loves films. I love reading his take on the latest summer blockbuster or surprise indie sleeper, and I am getting as much joy reading everything else he’s got say.

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