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Help me get on Comedy Central!!!

Don’t Spit the Water is going to Hollywood, CA to audition for Comedy Central. That’s right! We are an amused programmer away from being on basic cable which is my glib nonchalant way of hiding the excitement of possibly doing comedy for a living.

However, traveling to LA is expensive. And we don’t make any money doing the show in Chicago, and we don’t make gobs of money working for a (from left to right in the picture) homeless shelter, Chicago public radio, and the Chicago public school system. In case you were wondering, I’m the guy in the lucha libre mask sans shirt.

That means we need your help to make this trip less expensive for us. All you have to do is join us for drinking, eating, and karaoke at Trader Todd’s this Thursday 8pm-10pm for Blewt! Sings! Your $40 will help send us on our way to stardom and on your way to all you can drink and eat and sing. The crazy characters from Don’t Spit the Water (recently featured on WGN morning news) will be there performing special songs just for the night.

If you can’t make it out on Thursday, then go our website anyway and donate what you can to help us out. Help Chicago’s favorite live comedy game show become America’s favorite live comedy game show!

Boycott Mojoes?

Boycott MoJoes

It’s entirely unclear whether the people who might once wanted you to boycott Mojoes (2849 W Belmont) might still want you to do so. I’d love to contact them and ask them “why” but they’ve left absolutely no contact info on these stickers littered around the neighborhood. Which, in the age of free MySpace pages and Gmail accounts, is pretty inexcusable.

Uptown Eats

My dad was in town this weekend, which means I got to break the monotony of grilled cheese and cereal and eat at a Real Restaurant. Sweet. This week’s choice was Magnolia Cafe in Uptown, and boy, was it ever tasty. As a vegetarian, the pickings were pretty slim, but the options I did find were darn good. I started off with yummy little thyme and goat cheese potato cakes that were totally worth burning the crap out of my tongue for, followed by, quite possibly, the best mixed green and bleu cheese salad I’ve ever eaten. (I didn’t realize how into the greens I was until my dad, after watching me greedily chase around the last dried cranberry on my plate for twenty seconds asked, “Good salad?”)

Dinner was a wild mushroom and herbed ricotta pizza, and although the crust was fantastic and the other toppings were delicious, the overly chewy mushrooms made this my least favorite point in the meal, but that was soon forgotten when the gooey chocolate bread pudding arrived accompanied by a perfectly shaped scoop of vanilla ice cream. I feel bad that my dad is cutting back on his sugar intake right now, but man, did I not want to share that dessert, so it worked out well for both of us.

San Soo Gap San

Korean BBQ

I had Korean BBQ for the first time last week at San Soo Gap San (5247 N Western) and I’m an instant convert. When you order any of the main meat dishes, a glowing brazier of real charcoal coals in placed in the middle of your table and your meat comes delightfully marinated, but raw. So you grill the meat yourself, which means that the entire meal is accompanied by the sounds and smells of grilling meat. It also, of neccessity, spaces out the meat through the meal, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the copious banchan — the cornucopia of small dishes that accompany the meal. There were, seriously, 15 or so small dishes. We had very little idea what anything was, but that was half the fun. It all makes for a very social meal I’d recommend for 3 to 6.

Da Merlot!

Mike Ditka has his own set of wines. One is even named “kick ass red wine”. The rest must be less capable in hand to hand combat since they just have regular wine names.  Had these wines been around earlier it might have completely changed the entire diet of Bill Swerski and the super fans.  Ditka’s wines are probably old news, but it still makes my brain do the super bowl shuffle trying to correlate Iron Mike with a bottle of chardonnay:

Mike Ditka Chardonnay

Top Chef Chicago: Culling the Herd

It was another good night on Top Chef Chicago. Unfortunately, the Chicago “celebrity” was “famed Chicago film critic” (what??) Richard Roeper. Man, that just made me sad… but moving on to the show. The movie theme was pretty cool, and I think the judges got it right…


Top Chef Chicago: Bye Bye, Good Riddance. (SPOILERS)

I can’t tell you how happy I was to see Erik leave… Considering Frontera and Topolobampo are two of my favorite restaurants in Chicago and that I love Rick Bayless, Erik’s attitude had me hating him from the top of the show. Good editing, Bravo.

Mexican can’t be fine dining? B.S. Topolobampo is a perfect example of how Mexican can be new, exciting, fine dining, all while retaining a sense of tradition and without pretense. Erik just showed no class and I was glad to see him go.

Besides, if you cook corndogs in your restaurant all the time, then you should have known they wouldn’t have traveled well–loser.

Food Orgasm With a Side of Beans


Hot damn. If you haven’t paid a visit to La Cocina de Frida, Andersonville’s latest Mexican eatery extraordinaire, I don’t know why you’re sitting at your computer right now. Go. I sampled the Enchiladas Enfrijoladas stuffed with fried plantains last night, and by “sampled” I mean “stuffed into my gaping maw at an alarming rate, leaving fellow diners disturbed and slightly nauseous.” The free chips arrived with a deliciously smoky Chipotle salsa, which I highly suggest double-dipping with an order of guacamole. The mole negro and flan are reportedly top notch as well, although I didn’t have the pleasure of gorging myself on those. Yet. I’ll keep you posted…

PBR Light? WTF…..light

I found this in my local grocers beer section. I guess Pabst is trying to help Chicago lose its title of fifth fattest city in America.

Vote in the Time Out Chicago Eat Out Awards

Time Out Chicago 2008 Eat Out Awards

You have until March 2 to vote in the Time Out Chicago 2008 Eat Out Awards. Finally, your vote counts for something. Like, which of a multiple choice list of restaurants is the best.

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