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Lincoln Park Zoo has invisible animals!!!

I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo last week. You can see some photos of the trip in my set here. But what I’m most interested in is this sign right here:

Holy crap!  The animals can turn invisible!?!?!!

The animals can turn invisible!!! I think I’ll start my own zoo and have a bunch of empty cages with this sign on each one.

Roger Ebert’s Journal

Roger Ebert has a blog. Everyone should read it.

Y’all know who Roger Ebert is. Chances are every one of you, at some point or another, has made a decision about whether or not to see a movie based at least partly on something he said about it. I don’t think anyone would argue there is a more influential film critic in the business today. And if you ever get a chance you should take a look at the Great Movies section of his website. Reading a few of those articles is the equivalent of the most in-depth Introduction to Cinema course you could ever hope to take. Mr. Ebert knows a lot about movies — but that is not why I read his reviews.

Beyond all the fun of the thumbs-up/thumbs-down business, there is one fact that goes shamefully unnoticed: Mr. Ebert is an amazing writer. This is why I’m so excited that he’s keeping a blog: More Ebert to read. And it covers everything outside the scope of his reviews, from his insights into the inner workings of film festivals to his early days as a sports writer in Champaign-Urbana. He of course touches upon his health issues, but as they are already well-documented elsewhere he only brings them up in his blog when they have to do with the main subject.

I believe the reason Mr. Ebert is at the forefront of film criticism is less because of his knowledge of film and more because of his ability to communicate his opinions. He is not a film guy who likes to write; Mr. Ebert is a writer who loves films. I love reading his take on the latest summer blockbuster or surprise indie sleeper, and I am getting as much joy reading everything else he’s got say.

Mmm fast food for vegans

Okay so I love meat. LOVE IT. I mean for heavens sake, my nickname is Bacon. For reals. I love my steak rare and my burgers with bacon on them. I’ll eat any kind of meat at least once. I LOVE MEAT!! I was a vegetarian for a bit in my early years but when my roommates ordered buffalo wings for some reason I had to have one and I’ve been a carnivore since.

Since I work in the neighborhood it is hard for me to not eat out everyday for lunch. And I have to say I complain about it all the time. I’m tired of the same 5 places that I eat at so when I see a sign for a new food establishment I have to say I get giddy. So when I saw the sign for Veggie Bites I was intrigued and excited.

It is an all vegan fast food place. They serve up yummies like chili cheese dogs and gyros and the like. Everything is organic and delicious! And very reasonably priced. I had the pleasure of eating the chili cheese dog and it was served on a whole wheat bun and it was really good. When my boyfriend heard that I had eaten there he said “gross” but I will soon convert him. Maybe, he does love meat as much as I do……

For more info on the place go ahead a check out their website

Feed Me, Seymour


I just realized that nearly all of my posts have been about food. My taste buds are clearly running the show here, and there’s no point in fighting it. Last night, my friend was feeling rather generous, so he treated me to dinner at Andersonville’s newest eatery, Big Jones. There were maybe two things on the menu that I could actually eat without abandoning vegetarianism*, but as soon as the Eggplant Fritter sandwich became acquainted with my mouth, the meat-heavy menu was a distant memory. If the crispy breaded eggplant smothered in sweet, green tomato relish didn’t bring me to heights of epicurean ecstasy, the a’ plenty (a medley of fried onions, okra and potato) catapulted me into food heaven. Seriously, it was that good.

As if the night couldn’t get any better, my friend and I made our way over to Andersonville’s Sicilian sweet shop, Pasticceria Natalina, where I gorged myself on rich, creamy gelato followed by an unbelievably light and tasty bigne, oozing with cream and covered in chocolate. Heaven, I tell you.

*Our server suggested visiting Big Jones for brunch, when the menu offers just as much vegetarian as fleshy fare. Good to know…

Best (comedy) week ever!

The DC Comedy Fest is in town checking out Chicago’s talent which gives us two great FREE shows.

Tuesday, go see the free show over at the Beat Kitchen (2100 W. Belmont) as The Chicago Underground Comedy folks present Chicago’s best stand-ups. The action starts at 9:30, but get there earlier to make sure you have a seat to check out: Nick Vatterott, Adam Burke, Brendan McGowan, Dan Telfer, Carrie Callahan, Brady Novak, Fay Canale, Steve O. Harvey, and Chad Briggs.

Wednesday, The Playground Theater (3209 N. Halsted) is hosting the sketch portion of the DC Comedy Fest auditions. This one is also FREE (what a beautiful word) and starts at 7pm. The amazing acts performing will be: The Puterbaugh Sisters, Seeder & Lee, Turbo, Hey You Millionaires, Ken Barnard, and Money Kids.

Thursday, local stand-up favorite Prescott Tolk will perform at The Lakeshore Theater (3175 N. Broadway) at 8pm. Tickets are $10, but if you missed him on Comedy Central then fork over the dough. He’ll be recording his live comedy album I Can Complain. Your laughs could be famous.

Friday (and Thursday too), Chicago’s best stand-up prankster Ken Barnard will be doing his “three-in-one man” show titled Get Into It. This will take place at The Lincoln Lodge (4009 N. Lincoln) at 9pm. As someone who is constantly entertained by Ken’s shenanigans (such as protesting the filling of the Montrose hole), I will gladly pay the $10 to see what he’ll do next.

Finally, on Saturday, sketch group Schadenfreude will be hosting one of their famous rent parties. These are always a blast of the best sketch, stand-up, music, and what ever else happens on the stage. This will be at Silvie’s Lounge (1902 W. Irving Park Rd) and feature Annoyance comedy goddess Susan Messing and music from Lola Balatro. Fun starts at 9pm and is another measly $10 for hours of raucous goodness.

HTML Happiness

I was walking doggies this afternoon, and I came across a little sticker advertising an intriguing-sounding website, and later, when I was in dire need of procrastination material, I decided to give it a little look-see. It turned out to be one of the most insightful, penetrating investigations of local Chicago news on The Interwebs. Check it out for yourself at Brilliant.

Another web nugget that’s been making my week: Google’s Maps transit feature. If you haven’t tried it yet, use the “Get Directions” feature, and look for the “Take Public Transit” option. Trust me–it’s good stuff.


Seed Conference

The 3rd Seed Conference is coming up in June. The event has some really impressive Chicago entrepreneurs lined up: Carlos Segura, creator of T.26; Jason Fried of 37signals, Jake Nickell and Jeffery Kalmikoff of Threadless fame, and Jim Coudal of Coudal Partners. Plus Gary Vaynerchuk, who even though he’s not from Chicago and is a Jets fan, is still pretty damn cool.

Anyone been to any of the other Seed conferences?

Let me take a moment to talk about zipcar….

I love it. LOVE IT!! I donated my car to the Children’s Hospital in Lincoln Park via Zipcar for a benefit that they were putting on. I got some cash for my car, a free membership for life, AND some free zipcar dollars. Its really simple, you go to their website, you sign up, you get a Zipcard in the mail, you it with Zipcar and then when you want to drive, you reserve a car from one of their many conveniently located Zipcar parking spaces and you go! I live in Wicker Park and we have 4 cars here right by my house. Like less then a block to a car. When you go to the car, you swipe your card on the windshield and it lets you so you can then get the key and drive it to wherever you little hearts desire. I like to go to target in mine. It averages about 10 an hour or you can rent per day. Go to zipcar’s website to find out more. Thanks and have a great day.

The Best Free Stand-up Comedy Show in April

Jared Logan is a Chicago stand-up comedian who has been rocking the Chicago stand-up scene since 2003. Like all great Chicago stand-up comedians, though, he is moving to New York City at the end of this month. Before he runs off, he is hitting as many stand-up venues as he can. Tomorrow, he is doing a 45 minute set at the Chicago Underground Comedy at 9:30, and best of all it’s FREE. Hosting will be Carrie Callahan, and opening will be Adam Burke, and Chad Briggs. If you can’t make it tomorrow then check him out now in this video about Dungeons and Dragons.

Wild Cougars Might Roam Chicago, and Trib Commenters Explode in Pointless Rage

Lions and tigers (but probably not bears)!

According to the Chicago Tribune, a “very big cat” is on the loose in North Chicago. If it is, as has been speculated, a wild cougar, then keep an eye on your kids and pets. Cougars are thought to need the meat equivalent of one deer every day. One deer or seven or eight pugs, if you will.

On a side note, 78 people, so far, have decided to take time from their busy days to comment on the situation on the Trib’s website, kicking things off with random short jokes and obligatory John Cougar Mellencamp references. Impressively, it only took 22 posts for someone to explode in pointless, misdirected, anonymous anger. “You sir, are a **** You know absolutely nothinmg (sic) about cats and have the audacity to post here.”

Indeed! The audacity to post a comment on the internet armed with less than all the facts! In a less-than-academic manner! This is the internet, and we are all noble and enlightened communicators, expressing ideas with only the most philanthropic of motivations!

The insulted poster, his hackles then also raised, responded with a lengthy cut-and-pasted quote from an Illinois Department of Natural Resources document, once again restoring justice and balance in the blogiverse.

So, yeah, watch out for wild predators — in Northern Chicago parks and forests, as well as on the wild and wooly internets.

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