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Anyone know of any other movie theater that compares to River East 21? That good or better. I’m willing to go to the burbs if that’s what it takes. It’s especially crucial during these summer months when the big $100M plus movies are out there. Also, I’m willing to manage a fund that will be used to create the biggest, loudest, most comfortable movie theater the world has ever known! If anyone has $20 million or so laying around, that would be a good start.


Spider Man 2 is awesome. I took in the 12:01 show in North Riverside with my kid brother. This is the only theatre on earth where they leave on the ghastly fluorescent lights until the moment the previews start. Let me tell you, a midnight crowd of Cicero/Berwyn Spider Man fans is not a pretty sight. Ahh… my roots.

Even the brussel sprouts are good

Zagat announced the results of its annual uber-food poll earlier this week, reminding us where we should be eating (and no, it’s not Taco Bell)

Zagat’s Top Rated Restaurants, or Places I can’t afford to walk into:
1. Ritz-Carlton Dining Room  
2. Trio                   
3. Tallgrass              
4. Les Nomades             
5. Carlos’               
6.  Tru
7.  Ambria
8.  Mirai Sushi
9.  Seasons
10. Charlie Trotter’s

Zagat’s Best Bangs for the Buck, or Places that won’t cost me an entire paycheck:
1.  Superdawg
2.  Potbelly Sandwich
3.  Wiener’s Circle
4.  Margie’s Candies (yay for sundaes!)
5.  Gold Coast Dogs

On Vacation

It is amazing how Chicago seems to be on vacation this time of year.  You have Taste of Chicago, first of all.  Then, all the music festivals in Grant Park.  Then, people ACT like they are on vacation, even if they are just going about the usual daily routine.  Usually, this time of the year, there is an absence of major headlines outside of Washington.  Except last year, you had the porch collapsing and all the changes that resulted from that,


A whole new realm of cool

I am so not a fame-whore, but this is a totally different breed of cool…

My boyfriend cooked for Prince last night!

He’s a chef in the dining room at the Ritz-Carlton and had the pleasure of serving The Artist Formerly Known As And Now Again Known As Prince.  Apparently, Prince came down with a sore throat and cancelled his show last night.  He went back to the Ritz, and requested that they close down the dining room so he could eat in privacy.  Instead, they opened the uber-exclusive Carlton Club.  He ordered kale soup and scallops.

This is added a whole new dimension to my six degrees of seperation status.  yeehaw.

Elvira – not so hot right now

I am not really a girly girl.  Sure, I own a crapload of makeup, but no pointy toe shoes.  My idea of couture is flip-flops.  However, I do occasionally indulge myself with some girlish delights, namely manicures & eyebrow waxes.

My usual mani place, for some totally retarded reason, is closed on Sundays.  In an act that proves I am no girly girl (as a real girly girl has a stronger loyalty to her manicurist than her parents / boyfriend / sibling), I decided to just find another place.  Which brought me to this dive up on Western and Addison, a couple blocks from my house.  Manis for $10, eyebrow waxing for $8.  How could you go wrong?

My manicurist was obviously trying to set the world record for cuticle trimming, because she was hauling ass so fast she cut me.  THREE TIMES!  Every time I type the “E” key or the “Shift” key, I get a sharp burn in my ring finger.  Rock.

But I wasn’t smart enough to just run out screaming, I had to follow through with the waxing.  I was almost in tears.  It felt like she was waxing off my entire eyebrow.  I was conviced she had misunderstood me and didn’t think I just wanted “eyebrow shaping”.  I have never felt such a deep pit in my stomach as when she reached in the drawer and pulled out what looked like a pencil.  I was certain that my entire browline was silky smooth and she was about to do me the enormous favor of penciling in some brows.  Luckily, all she had in her hand was tweezers.  But I wasn’t far off.  My eyebrows are so narrow, I look like Elvira.  It is worse, since I have the tendency to raise my right eyebrow.  A LOT.  and this action makes me look like satan’s spawn.

Long story short, if you find a place you like, wait if they aren’t open.  Schedule another day.  If you are looking for a new place, please please please consult the girliest girl you know before doing anything.  Trust me.

The Jack Ryan thing

I’ve been away travelling in Asia this week, and the Chinese have this habit of blocking web access to sites like and the Tribune.  So I missed most of the excitement about Jack Ryan’s crash and burn.

The American electorate is quite funny.  Dude, next time, tell us all about the sex clubs early, and on your own terms.  The Tribune has it right — “skeletons always come out”.  Why people with skeletons they don’t want out ever go into politics is beyond me.  And so you have a thing for exhibitionist sex.  No problem, man — some day your kid will understand.  In the meantime, sharing asmuch might even have garnered you more Gen X/Gen Y voters — certainly makes you more hip than a lot of your party’s candidates.

The straw that broke the camel’s back.

So when I got home last night, I found that my apartment had been broken into. Gone were my new iBook (thief beware, it has some serious kernel overload issues), PS2 (I was just getting into Everything or Nothing), and my beloved Canon T50 that I’ve had since I was 10 years old. They apparently analyzed my smashed up, ghetto G3 iBook, and decided it wasn’t worth its weight.

So the cops came and I got scolded for having left my 3rd floor rear window open “you just invited them in.”

“Look lady, I know that wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but locks are to keep the honest people out, you know? I could do without your judgment right now”

Regardless of my sass, she sent over the ET (Evidence Technician”) to take prints. Naturally, there were none. Naturally, the ET didn’t realize that he was dusting for prints all over a Friso Kramer desk (Belgium, c. 1960), and when I went to wipe all that charcoal shit off, it just got ingrained deeper into the wood. So pissed. But that was not The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back.

So fine. I’m pissed. I’m depressed. I get up this morning and shave, and as I reach for my new favorite product, some fig scented L’Occitane shaving oil… IT’S GONE! I can’t fucking believe it. I noticed that my medicine cabinet was open, probably in a hunt for prescription drugs, but what was this, spite?

Please keep your noses open and let me know if you smell the culprit, eh?


Red, White and Blue Redux

I refuse to wear anything red, white and blue as a habit because someone could mistake me for a ‘patriot’.That word has been so misused, it makes me want to puke.I just looked at the ads in the Tribune, which mention ‘patriotic’ T-shirts on sale, just in time for the 4th.One says, ‘America rocks’. Pass the sick bag, please.

The Fountain Square Art Festival

I am planning to soend some time at the Fountain Square Art Festival, esp. since it is not hot. Usually, I just cannot enjoy being there and neither do the vendors. One year, it was 95F and a vendor couldn’t stay awake. Since I quite driving in 1995, I have gotten to few art festivals ~ there are so many nice ones in the burbs. I don’t get much into Chicago to see exhibits there, since I work in Evanston or Highland Park…the opposite direction. The latter had a great gallery that I miss, where a ‘Mr. Frog’ burped each time someone came or went. Anywhere there is a ‘Mr. Frog’, I like to go.

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