Am I in Chicago or New York?

Have you ever thought that you might have slipped into some alternate dimension for a moment in time?  Honestly, I can’t find any other explanation for this one.  This said dimension that I found myself in last week must have been generated from TV shows.  Let me explain:  all TV humor can be boiled down to one description– people behaving inappropriately.  Is it appropriate that Raymond’s family is always saying horrible things to one another?  Is it appropriate that Cartmen is always killing Kenny?  Nope.  But funny.

Ok, well, imagine that you were suddenly thrown into a TV show, and you had to hail a cab.  So there I am, standing outside my apartment building at 8 am in the POURING rain, when I see the first empty cab in 10 minutes. 

I put my hand in the air.  I make eye contact.  I walk to the cab stopped at a red light and open the door.  As I am closing my umbrella, some guy gets in my cab, through the open door that I opened.  And then took off.  In my cab. 

So I started to cry.  Because that was what Carrie, or Monica, or Grace would do.  And the only explanation I could stir for this gross display of inappropriate behavior is that I entered the TV alternate dimension for a moment.

90 days in Chicago and I’m already ready for my next city.

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