Abandoned cars have got to go

I am not really sure how the Department of Streets and Sanitation operates.  What I do know is that my housemates and neighbors have gotten parking tickets faster than you can say “Department of Streets and Sanitation” for parking even slightly over a sidewalk area or having the nerve to wait until 9:01am on street sweeping day to move their car.  Low and behold, that unmistakable bright orange envelope finds its way onto their windshield.

So why is the Mercury Cougar with a bashed in front end (and the VW Jetta that started with a flat tire and now has a flat donut spare) allowed to sit in a prize parking spot until the end of time?  According to the City of Chicago’s website, an abandoned car may be towed by calling 311 if it meets the following requirements:

1.  On a public way in a state of disrepair as to be incapable of being driven in its present condition.

2.  Has not been moved or used for more than seven consecutive days and is apparently deserted.

3.  Has been left on the public way without state registration or a temporary state registration placard for two or more days.

4.  Is a hazardous dilapidated vehicle left in full view of the general public, whether on public or private property.

The Cougar meets all four, I believe.  Instead of seven consecutive days, it has been around seven consecutive months.  So far, nothing in our neighborhood has been towed.  At least 3 neighbors have called and complained.  The VW magically repaired its tire and got the hell out of dodge.  The Cougar is still kicking back and begging for the local kids to make up horror stories about it.

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