Frank Lloyd Wright & Ayn Rand: Let’s set the record straight.

Yesterday I rented a car and drove up to Spring Green, Wisconsin to visit FLW’s Taliesin. The place is truly wonderful. If you have the slightest interest in the man, or the birth of Modern architecture, I highly recommend it.
I was part of a small group being given the House Tour, and was having a splendid time until we got to the guest bedroom. He dropped Ayn Rand’s name as someone who’d stayed in the room.
“… and she asked Mr. Wright what he thought of the portrait of him that she created in her book The Fountainhead, and he said it was terrible… he didn’t like that book at all.”
Okay. Keep. Calm. I mean, surely this gentlman knows a thing or two about FLW’s life, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t true.
“Are there any questions before we move on?”
Wait. I think that FLW may have even called it “the great one.”
“Okay, so let’s move on.”
Also, while FLW may have been an inpiration for The Fountainhead’s Howard Roark’s bombastic attitude, their architectural philosopies and social idologies were quite disparate. As I remember hearing it, Ayn Rand had contacted FLW numerous times seeking a meeting with him while she was writing the book, to no avail.
But whatever, right? WHO CARES? Let it go. Move on with the tour. The guy made a mistake. He was misinformed. Who informed him of that, anyway? Does he go through a rigorous training session of FLW anecdotes? Wait, could this mean that all of our tour guides other wacky anecdotes were potentially false? Did Frank Lloyd Wright really say that anyone over six feet tall was “a weed?”
Wait! What if this was no mistake, but something more sinister? Did our tour guiide have it in for Ayn Rand? Was he trying to dissuade people from reading The Fountainhead? Trying to make it seem as though FLW was against it idologically?
“Taliesin Preservation is a not-for-profit organization, we rely on your donations keep this place from falling apart.”
Yeah. That sounds like some Elsworth Toohey, left-wing, collectivist, mumbo jumbo if ever I’ve heard it. Frank Lloyd Wright didn’t even intend for this house to outlive him, otherwise he would’ve used better materials. Why, I bet that if Frank Lloyd Wright were to take this tour, he’d come in the dead of night and… blow it up!
Yet, I couldn’t bring myself to say anything about this potentially inaccurate anecdote, because I wasn’t sureIn an exchange of letters from the spring of 1944, the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright wrote to Miss Rand:
“I’ve read every word of The Fountainhead. Your thesis is the great one. Especially at this time. So I suppose you will be set up in the marketplace and burned for a witch.”
Rand replied:
… I can’t be “burned for a witch,” because I think I am made of asbestos.”
So class, what have we learned from all this? I suppose it’s that I need to unsubscribe from from the Objectivist mailing list. Yes

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