vincent gallo, a review

Yesterday evening I saw Vincent Gallo’s charming student film, Brown Bunny at the Landmark. I liked it a lot. I don’t need to see it ever again, but still… it was good, I swear.
The most pleasant surprise was Vincent Gallo himself, who did a Q&A after the screening. After all the terrible things I’ve heard about him, I found him to be very sweet, smart,& polite. Humble and smart-assed in all the right places. Just as John Cusack is no Lloyd Dabler, it seems that Vincent Gallo isn’t really Buffalo 66’s “Billy.”
When asked if the opening of his film was an homage to Matthew Barney, Gallo struggled to come up with a polite response, eventually saying something to the effect of not liking trendy, crappy artists like Matthew Barney in a way that would never come off correctly in print. Instead we would read a quote that had no awkward pause nor would it reveal him shifting his weight from side to side searching for a nice way to answer the question. Instead we would visualize him staring the innocent questioner down and telling her to shut the fuck up, then forcing her to give him head. However, he skirted around Barney and moved on to the subject of homage; that he would never do it. He related it to his love of Danny Bonaduce’s acting in the Partridge Family and how that was the first thing that inspired him to go into acting. “Now, when I’m acting in a movie I’m not paying homage to Danny, I’m not thinking about Danny…”
This question was, of course, followed by someone asking him if the repetitiveness of Brown Bunny was an homage to the films of Andy Warhol.
Again… so polite. He ignored the obvious chance to make someone look stupid and instead talked about Andy Warhol’s garlic breath and Basquiat’s body odor.
He seemed so genuinely excited about his work, and even about standing in front of a bunch of dorks… it was just so absurdly charming. What a guy.

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