just trying to avoid traffic

So I’m driving home about ten minutes ago, but since Chicago is a mess (see Erin’s previous post) I take Division, and while I’m waiting at the light at Clybourn, seven dudes with bats run across the street with the intention of hurting four other dudes who are doing whatever they’re doing at the nice park there. There are a couple of cops there already, including a cop van that’s waiting behind me at the light. I have to stop in the intersection so I don’t hit two of the dudes (they don’t look older than 15 or so) because they are now in the middle of the street screaming at the other dudes who also look very pissed. A Mercedes almost hits another couple dudes, but he doesn’t say anything. You know, because they have bats. Then these two cop cars with sirens come tearing through and I have to gun it to make sure I’m not blocked in when they stop to take care of business. I took off, but the people at the brand new Starbucks there have a great view of whatever’s going down now.

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