Modest Mouse at the Q101 Block Party

My sister and I went to go see Modest Mouse and Death Cab for Cutie at the Q101 Block Party after much debate between the suck factor of it being sponsored by Q101 and finally getting a chance to see Modest Mouse, even if their new album is dwarfed by the greatness of their previous albums.
With our luck, we get down there and it is totally sold out. But it is outdoors, so we figure we will just sit outside and listen. There is a squirelly guy on the inside of the fence, talking to all us ticketless losers outside. He keeps giving tickets to people, but doesn’t look like he is taking money in return. We watch him like hawks and find out he is a Budweiser rep, and is giving tickets to people who tout the smoothness of Bud Light, the sponsor of the show. We go up to him and tell him that Bud Light fucking rocks so much, we bathe in it, and it makes your hair shiny. And we get tickets. Another case of viral marketing at work, because here I am posting the greatness of Bud Light.
Modest Mouse sounds great live, and played a pretty decent show, although I would have liked to have heard more from the Moon and Antarctica. We were surrounded by total tools, one of which actually screamed “Play the radio song!” Then the girls behind us started playing Truth or Dare. For the love of god. So we moved out to the back and just sat on the grass by the food stands and enjoyed the music from there.
Last time I go to a Q101 event, that’s for sure. I’m too old for this shit.

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