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I don’t plan on only posting about restaurants that piss me off. In fact, tonight I’m going on some cruise thing, and I’ll be able to write about that, but in the mean time, another important warning.
Gaylord India is a great Indian restaurant (name su-ucks–my one Indian friend has a more traditional Indian name, Reginold). If you’re going to have a nice dinner there, make sure you take a look at the bill, because they add a 15% gratuity to every check. There were two of us, and I almost gave the dude another 20% which would have been too much.
Another one is Cafe Iberico. The meal was good enough, but they charge for soft drink refills. I made a comment on their site, but since I doubt it will get through their moderator, I’ll repost it here: DON’T FUCKING CHARGE FOR EVERY COKE. WHAT, IS THIS 1991?

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  1. morgen (unregistered) on August 29th, 2004 @ 3:49 am

    As an owner of a small “restaraunt” you should know that if you want people to come back to eat at your place, you should at least tell them in advance that you’re going to charge them for every drink, since no one else does that anymore. It’s reasonable for me to expect free refills at a place when I’m paying $25 a plate.

  2. (unregistered) on August 29th, 2004 @ 4:17 am

    Why shouldn’t they charge for soft drinks? Do you think that they get their soft drinks for free? As an owner of a small restaraunt I can tell you that buying real Coca-Cola products is very expensive, only the large chains and large retaraunts can afford to give away free refills. If a small restraunt is giving you free refills it is likely that they are not using real Cocal-Cola. I would guess that between 50%-75% of small restraunts do not use real Coca-Cola, depsite what they might tell you.
    If you want free refills eat at Chili’s.

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