Worst Tapas EVER

On Friday, a couple of friends and I decided to go out for dinner somewhere different than where we usually end up going to. I suggested that we drive down Lincoln because there are at least 50 bagillion restaurants, and we should be able to find something decent. We stopped at Tapas Cafe & Grill on Lincoln and Irving Park figuring “how can tapas be bad? They are nothing but good.” We were SO wrong.
The inside is just a step above Taco Burrito King and is really creepy. They have obscenely small tables, which seems totally illogical for tapas and all the plates you rack up during the course of the evening. The service was incredibly slow; we waited 20 minutes after finishing our inferior meal AND having our plates cleared AND offered dessert before our waitress deemed it necessary to pull away from gossiping to offer us the check. I have a sneaking suspicion that the queso de cabra was nothing more than a chunk of cold philadelphia cream cheese sitting in a bowl of Ragu, with some salsa thrown in for good measure. The garlic shrimp tasted like a very fishy white fish, the artichoke hearts had cayenne pepper on them and were WAY to lemony. Even the water was gross. It tasted plasticky and nasty. I though it tasted like tires. My sister thought it tasted like dentist gloves.
So steer clear. If you want tapas, go to Iberico. I thought this would be a welcome alternative to the long wait at Iberico on a Friday night, but I would rather wait 3 hours for a table at Iberico than go back to this place ever again.
Even worse, Kaze Sushi snuck up and opened already… and it’s right down the street from my house. I thought it wasn’t slated to open until January, so I am very very bitter. I am sure that would have made for a much more worthwhile Friday night. Anyone been by there yet? I am dying to know how it is.

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