the nuts..

Ok so i’ve gotten sucked into this whole poker phenomenon. I’ve played a couple times at the casino’s in NWI but last week i went to the gambling mecca, Las Vegas, to play with the real pros. I got my best poker outfit on, sat at a table in the poker room at the Harrah’s and started to bet. After about 6 hours of sitting there i realized i wasn’t really moving in either direction with any force, so i wanted to leave, but leave my mark as well. I decided to do something that is really stupid in gambling but is really cool when it works out, playing blind. Playing blind means you don’t look at your hole cards and you raise every bet. Even though i announced to the table, who were now calling me “buddy holly”, that i was playing blind, they seemed to ignore me and took every raise i made seriously. After winning 2 pots by everyone folding to my raises, they finally decided to start calling me knowing I had no idea what i was playing. By the river card i was all in for about 50 bucks and my last remaining opponent in the pot turned over 2 pair. The board was 3, 10, 4, J, A .. I got up, thinking i was done, flipped over my cards to reveal a Q-K . i had pulled the straight totally blind. I was yelling and cheering while the table just got pissed. I told them they just bought themselves a really good story to which the angry loser replied, ” i don’t want your story, i want my money.” I don’t think i’ll ever top that moment in another poker game..

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