Questions about Big Brother

Surveillance Cameras every where you go. And, according to city officials hundreds of thousands more are on their way. Gone are the days of scratching your butt, picking your nose and ears, talking to yourself, and spitting on the sidewalk. They say it is for security reasons. In case of a crime investigation they can track back the pictures and maybe get something to help the case. There is also the camera’s on the busses to catch those illegally parked on the bus stop. Then there are the camera’s on the street sweepers to catch those illegally parked on cleaning day. Then there are those on the “L” cars for safety reasons. I wonder, will need the Police anymore? Who is selling these camera’s to the city? Who is installing them? Who is running this surveillance program? Will there be a day that besides back-tracking they will actually start watching? I mean, if they want to get me, will these camera’s help find me? Will anyone answer these questions?

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