Good sushi, but less than stellar service

I went out to Rise Sushi (warning – website takes a while to load, and then has crappy music…so turn your speakers off if you are at work) with some friends last night, and was left not really knowing how I felt about it. It was packed for a Wednesday night, and the wait was about 30 – 45 minutes. There was 6 of us, so no big deal. Sushi places have a lot of small tables, so we realized we were going to be difficult to accomodate. We found a small table in the bar where 3 of us could sit. About 15 minutes later, the bar table next to us opened up. So we took them all over. A busboy came over and placed chopsticks and sushi saucers for each place sitting, so we decided we would just eat in the bar. Why wait?
I asked the hostess if we could just get served in the bar, and she bluntly told me no. Which led me to wonder why they had placed the chopsticks on the table, but whatever. So we waited and sipped our drinks. Another 10 minutes go by, and the other hostess comes up and asks us if we would just like to push the tables together and eat there. Uh, yeah. Duh. So that really sucked.
But the sushi was phenomenal. They had some really unique combinations, and it was remarkably fresh. I ordered the Mexican maki, which had tuna, avocado, cilantro and lime. It was so fresh and tart. Mmmmmm.
So the service could have just been a fluke. But I think the food made it worth it.

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