I :heart: Lincoln Square

My mom came down to hang out in the big city last night, so I took her out to a movie and dinner. She wanted to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and it was playing at both City North and the Davis. I opted for the Davis because it is in one of the best neighborhoods in the city. There are about 300 gazillion restaurants on Lincoln between Montrose and Lawrence. Besides, the Davis is an awesome theatre because they don’t charge $50 for a movie and it reminds me of the great days before every theatre had a bare minimum of 30 screens.

They had temporarily halted showing Sky Captain (broken reel?) so we decided to see The Forgotten. Stupid. It started out really well but went downhill quickly. Which sucks because they could have gone a million different directions with the movie, all of which would have been better. And it is most definitely not the best twist since the Sixth Sense as the previews say. It might be the most anti-climactic twist EVER.

But the night got a whole lot better when we went over to La Bocca della Verita next door after the movie. Because the name doesn’t totally give it away, it is a nice little Italian place. We just got 3 appetizers and split them: Carpaccio, Sea Scallops, & Buffalo Mozzerella. The mozz was amazingly fresh and served with arugula and apples. It was awesome. For desset we ordered the tiramisu which was like eating creamy clouds. I was incredibly light and rich at the same time.

So if you find yourself looking for something to do, I highly recommend headin up to this neck of the woods. I want to eat my way through the entire block. There isn’t a restaurant on the street that doesn’t look good. Make it like a modified pub crawl. But with less inebriation and chance for barfing.

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