Bears 101: Because we think women are stupid

I get periodic Bears newletters because I have bought tickets and gone to games in the past (what?!? a girl who actually BUYS tickets to a football game and doesn’t just get dragged along??!?). This just goes to show how highly the Bears think of their female fan base:

Dear Valued Bears Direct Subscriber,

NFL 101 Workshop for Women
Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 5-9p.m.

Does your man tune you out on Sundays? Do you wish phrases like “Quarterback Sneak”, “End-around” and “Safety Blitz” made sense? Tune in to NFL 101 for WOMEN!

OMG! Are they serious? I am so offended by this. Boo this man.

Oh, and I almost forgot. They will enlighten you to this sport they call football (isn’t that the one with the bat?) for the low low bargain basement price of $50 a head.

I wish this was a joke. I really do.

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