Be a pretend farmer

I went over to the Lincoln Square Farmer’s Market this morning and realized that it is the beginning of apple season. Mmmmm. So head out to an orchard and pick your own. I am going to head up to Mukwonago to The Elegant Farmer (warning – horrendous 1995 page transitions) and get some Golden Delicious apples to make a pie and my grandma’s special cinnamon apple recipe

Grandma’s Special Cinnamon Apples

Peel, core and quarter a whole bunch of apples.
Get a bag of Red Hots from Walgreens and dump them in a saute pan.
Add water and bring to a simmer.
Let it cook BUT NOT BOIL until the water turns a vibrant red.
Strain out any leftover Red Hots that didn’t melt.
Put the apple quarters in an airtight mason jar and pour the cinnamon water over them to fill.
When the apples have turned super bright magenta, the apples are ready to go. Yum.

These will keep for about a week or two. If you aren’t familiar with preserving and canning, I suggest you read up on it so you don’t sue me for getting botulism when you seal the apples wrong.

And if you are too lazy to drive all the way up to Mukwonago, check out PickYourOwn for the mother of all orchard listings.

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