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Sneezing Season is here !

I have been sneezing like crazy the last few days, thanks to the nice ‘pretend summer’ weather. Chicago needs rain…that is why the lkeaves are already turning yellow, etc.

Less Of A Dry Sunday

We live in a world in war. Just recently a couple of southern states got hit with terrible hurricanes. What they left behind is pure devastation. The Nation is gearing up for national elections. What’s happening in Chicago? Bear’s fans want to drink earlier on Sunday before the games. An 11 o’clock buzz is not enough, but a 9 AM buzz will do just fine. Good to know we have our priorities straight.

Borders Bonanza

Borders has a crapload of good in-store appearances coming up, regardless of your tastes. There is something for every palette.
September 28, 2004 – Richard Clark “Against All Enemies” (in tasty new paperback flavor!) @ 830 N Michigan
Recommended if you like: the truth, Bill Clinton, couterterrorism
Recommended if you dislike: George W. Bush, ignorance, The Man
October 11, 2004 – Augusten Burroughs “Magical Thinking” & “Dry” & “Running with Scissors” @ 830 N Michigan
Recommended if you like: reading, thinking, excessive drinking
Recommended if you dislike: boredom
October 13, 2004 – Anthony Bourdain “A Cook’s Tour” & “Kitchen Confidential” & “Les Halles Cookbook” @ 830 N Michigan
Recommended if you like: food, excessive swearing, excessive smoking, feeding yeast
Recommended if you dislike: botulism?

Fight for your right to play

Nickelodeon’s “Worldwide Day of Play” is coming to Chicago on October 2nd. What is this worldwide day of play?

Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play is the network’s campaign to get kids more physically active and to encourage positive, healthy and playful lifestyles across the globe. In this, its inaugural year, Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play will feature simultaneous live global events — all with televised elements — that enlist help and participation from kids and families in: Chicago; four other U.S. cities (Los Angeles, Tampa, St. Louis and Phoenix); and countries and international territories including India, the Philippines, Singapore, Australia and Malaysia.

This is immediately followed by the most hilarious quote ever:

“Kids have a right to play every day, but they aren’t always able to”

That’s right. Damn the Man. We have to fight for our right to play. We earned it. It is a guaranteed basic right. Right up there with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
On tap for the event are musical performances, football, and of course, a good old-fashioned sliming.
The best part is that Nickelodeon will go off the air from 11am – 2pm on the 2nd in order to encourage kids to go outside and play. That’s ripping the system.

floating pile of crap (with million dollar renovation)

I forgot to mention that I went on this piece of shit a few weeks ago. Don’t do that. Actually, if you like being held hostage in a floating cell with hot wings and terrible MOR dance music from 1996, it’s not that bad a time.

Comcast no-speed customer service

Early this morning, Comcast had some kind of outage on their high-speed broadband Internet service at 10 AM CDT.
Now mind you, in the last two years, this is probably the first outage I’ve had. So not bad in terms of reliability.
Still, what they provide in the uptime department, they lack in the customer service department. Three tries to customer service all resulted in a disconnected call (90 seconds into the menu tree). The next several tries resulted in busy signals. Then another disconnect. 10 minutes later — another two minutes of frustration, resulting in a “due to heavy call volume, we cannot answer your call at this time”. Nice.
I never did get through to report it, but I guess in the end it didn’t matter. At 11:15, they added a pre-recorded message that the outage was affecting “Chicagoland and Northern Indiana”. Yikes. What kind of an outage affects a whole geographic area?
It appears my service was restored in the noon hour or so. Not that I ever would have known. I still think it’s a better deal than DSL, where my mom has been offline for months because of SBCmeritch’s incompetence. But that’s another blog.

The Fabulous Life hates Chicago

I do a lot of freelance work at home and like to have some mindless noise in the background to keep me focused. There is no greater mindless noise that the skull crushing numbness that is marathon weekend on VH1. 50 shows about crap no one cares about BACK TO BACK ALL WEEKEND LONG! So The Fabulous Life of Nelly was on, and they were going on and on about St. Louis & Nellyville. The pseudo Robin Leach then refered to St. Louis as “the largest city in the Midwest”.
Really? The largest? Because I was under the impression that Chicago was the 3rd largest city in the COUNTRY and has a population 16 times greater than St. Louis (5,351,552 vs. 332,223, thank you US Census Bureau)
Apparently VH1 hires the same fact checkers as CBS.
*** Update – I even double checked to make sure it wasn’t a play on words; as in St. Louis takes more land mass than Chicago. Not even close. St. Louis loses this battle pittin up their paltry 66.2 miles to Chicago’s robust 234 miles (thank you, wikipedia) ***

Smoke Pot, Get a Ticket?

Could it actually happen???
“De-criminalizing” pot possession for less than 10 grams??? in CHICAGO???
Google’s calculator tells us that you would only get a ticket for possession of a fat quarter or less.
Something makes me think it will never happen… but 5 million raised in fines is a fuck of a lot of tulips for Daley!
This could keep half my friends from moving to Portland… (the de-criminalizing part… not the tulips thing…)



Tortoise, World Music Festival, Pritzker Pavilion, Millennium Park, 9/20/2004

I think the best kind of concert is running into a coworker in the hall at 4 o’clock and he says, “hey, a band you like is playing a free concert a few blocks away in a few hours” and you don’t have anything else going on that night and there’s mexican food on the way there. But that’s just me.

Dollar’s Inn

Yesterday, my roommate and I visited a nice dollar store at the coe=rner of Devon adn California. It is called Dollar’s Inn. There were a lot of enamelled pots and pans there ,f ro very good prices…all under $10. I got a small stock pot for $7.00 and my rommate got a nice frying pan. I chose a pattern with fruits and veggies. It just seemed very cheery.

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