Columbus Day

It feels like a holiday here in downtown Evanston. All the small kids are out with their parents, it seems. They are so cute and remind me of how we lost that sense of spontaneous enjoyment of life when we grew up and became so bloody serious.
Now, when I walk by the construction site, I wonder what is next. Looks like they are laying the foundation for something and I hope they build the new parking garage first because people complain all the time Evanston lacks parking. They are correct.

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  1. CP (unregistered) on October 11th, 2004 @ 4:14 pm

    Ya know…. what the hell? I keep checking this site out everyday, I like the team of writers and the concept of a “team blog” (the variety etc) and I really enjoy reading these articles, they’re funny and informative, all of them…except yours. Wolfy, every damn thing you write is spacy, incoherent and altogether pointless …at best. WTF!!?? You babble little blurbs about nothing, absolutely nothing. You wanna know why it feels like a holiday in wonderful little downtown Evanston? b/c it is you moron, it’s Columbus day, kids don’t go to school on Columbus day. Do you do anything? or just sit around in pretty little Evanston cramming you mouth full of bad acid and park your dumb ass in front of a computer and pretend like someone gives a shit what you write. My 3 year-old nephew could at least write with some kind of semblance and artistry with an essay about Thomas the Train and his crazy yet inspiring misadventures. Jesus, someone….someone please do something about Wolfy.

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