Slow Food Guide to Chicago = Awezum

I just got a copy of the Slow Food Guide to Chicago, and it totally rocks. There are a crapload of great food books about Chicago, 50 gazillion different review guides to turn to, and all kinds of websites telling you where to go. But the Slow Food Guide reviews places that live up to the slow food standard, pretty much guaranteeing that you not only get good eats, but healthy eats that make you feel good about yourself to boot.

For those of you that are totally new, “slow food” is basically food that is prepared with ingredients that are grown locally, organically, sustainably, etc without a crapload of drugs, pesticides, accelerants, or whatever else they throw in crops these days (read the whole manifesto here). So it is all kinds of good.

Besides just listing restaurants, the book also lists shops, farmer’s markets, and specialty stores, and everything is broken up by cuisine and neighborhood as well. A great reference for leading that healthy life you keep saying you are going to take up.

[ Disclosure: I was sent this book by Chelsea Green Publishing, but have morals and wouldn’t review or hype up something I thought was evil or bad. I just think slow food is great and every bunny should know about it. Cuz it’s good, and good for you. How many things are left that is true for? ]

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  1. Joseph Finn (unregistered) on October 11th, 2004 @ 6:27 pm

    Chelsea Green sent me a copy as well (and I’m supposed to do a Virtual Book tour for it, though they’ve not gotten back to me yet), and it is indeed a fine publication. Good and interesting choices in the usual suspect chapters, and some quirky chapters you won;t find in your usual food guide (such as butchers and bakers, which I was happy too see had my hometown impresarios of pastry, Continental Bakers in Mt. Prospect).

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