SHHHHH….Super Secret! Gyms are a waste of money

I hate working out. I have tried gym memberships and at-home yoga tapes and pilates tapes and all that stuff. Truth be told, I am horrendously lazy. Like if the remote isn’t within 5 feet of me, I will get exasperated and just watch whatever channel is currently on until I really need to get up – like to go potty or let my dog out. That kind of lazy. I think the idea of spending 3 million dollars to become a member of a gym and then another 5 billion a month to work on machines that make me sore the next day is cruel and unusual.

That is why I love the park district.

A little known secret – the park district offers adult swim at most park locations FOR FREE. As is no charge. My sister and I headed over to Independence Park last night, where they have adult swim for 8 – 9 pm. It is a decent pool with clean locker rooms and parking. More than most gyms can say. They have lots of supplies (kickboards, pull buoys and flippers) that you can use in your training. Best part, there was only 2 other people there. Brianne and I had enough room in the pool to race each other. It was great. As an added bonus, we got recruited to play for their competitive water polo team. There is nothing like chucking balls at people (and by people I am most definitely refering to the goal. right.) while treading water. SO good times.

So if you want an easy way to stay fit without having to empty your pocketbook, check out the park district site, and search for “open swim” near your zipcode.

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