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Three hours ago it seemed like a simple idea: find out what the Chicago voting experience was like, through Chicago blogs. I started going through the blogs listed on Chicago Blogs Ring, Chicago Blogmap, and Chicago Bloggers and pulled out any post about going to the polls today. I did spare you the “Vote. That’s all.” posts (there were plenty of those). There are lots of “I went to the polls and didn’t wait long, nor have any problems.” A few problems. Some absentee ballots. Some pictures. A fair number of people voted so that Puff Daddy wouldn’t kill them.

For future reference, there are (currently) 596 blogs listed on Chicago Bloggers (and yet I can’t get them to list FuzzyCo). That’s… a lot. I’ve got 110 blog posts for you, after the jump. Enjoy.

5500: My precinct
AKMA: Unseasonable Sense
alienating my audience: you’ll learn to love the price you pay.
And on that note…: The Night Before…
Andymatic: Packed Polls
Angst-ident Prone: It’s going to be a long day
Aquasaur: i’m at the office…
articulate.babble: Vote!
Backburner: Voted
Blackfive: Blackfive’s Vote Is Disenfranchised
blistermoth: I voted!
Blogging in the Burbs: Vote-a-rama
bloggo chicago: I Voted!
ChgoRed: Girl Editor: Butterflies II
Chicago Democrats’ Toolkit: I Just Voted
Chicago Metblog: My voice has been heard.
Chicago Metblog: My voting experience
Chicago Metblog: Sticker Shock: No I Voted Today Stickers
Chicago Metblog: This Is an Outrage.
Chicago Metblog: Vote! – I done voted!
Chicago Metblog: Voting is SEXY!
Chicago Metblog: Was that a Cricket Chirp?
Chicago Metblog: Yet Another Stupid Voting Story
Chicago Snapshot: Election day
Chicagoist: Tell Us Your Voting Story; Here, I’ll Start
Chicagoist: Voters Get Free/Discounted Stuff Tonight!
Chicagoist: You Still Have an Hour and a Half Until Polls Close
crazy rosie: Vote for me Voting in Illinois
delara, interrupted: to be an american (or something)
deliberately random thoughts: well, this is it folks…
Diary of a Necromancer: mene, mene, tekel, upharsin
Did you know…?: Yo!
Drowning in Vanity: Fun at the polling place.
Dustwurks: Let us pray…
Eric Zorn’s Notebook: Election Day
Erika Green: I see stupid people…
Exposing Myself: Pissed off voters
Ferocious Cheese: Vote or Die!
Find No Cavil: GO VOTE!!! I DID!!
FuzzyCo: Vote! – HappyFunDemocracyDay!
Gapers Block: Vote, Then Rock.
Geektastic: I voted!
Goddess Musings: I voted
Gratuitous Web Presence: The long morning is over.
hardscrabble: Election Day
hastings place: in recognition for today…
Have you met me?: Didn’t mama teach you to give affection?
hey, monkey!: damn! i feel good!
I Am The Soren Davis: pact w/ God
injust-spring: The kid and I voted today… i’ll provision my foot up your ass!
jotsheet: Voting on principle
Kegz (o)n Eggz: Your voting experience
KIPlog: Meet Chad and Dimples
Kristy and Otherwise: chillin’ with the candidate
leah in chicago: Voting: Take Two
Let’s Get to Know: Erika: the weekend was awesome
LiquidGeneration: VOTE VOTE VOTE
Locussolus: Election day
Logtar’s Blog: First time voting!
Love, Curiosity, Freckles, and Doubt: Doing My Part to Piss Off the Religious Right
M242: I, along w/ my fellow neighbors…
macadamiaranch: Did you vote? I Did My Part
Matthew Gifford: Vote!
Mike Paus: Election Day
Mindful Daze: I Voted…
MoBlogpuppy: Election line
Mugsus Cranius Delightus: Rock the Vote, baby
My Little Life: Got my vote in at 7a
NadaBlog: Voting Tomfoolery
On My Mind: Vote!
Pastor Ray: I just voted.
PeachesLv9: Allison and I left to go…
Pinkini: I Voted.
Plastic Passion: Voting done did.
Pound: This morning I voted…
Queenkv’s Brainpickings: election day Election 2004
Radio Free Chicago: Rock the Vote…Get Half Off!
Re:hash: Let’s Rumble!
Real Lans: Voted!
RevSpork: My Election Day Message
Rock Haus: Done and Done
Rowan Bristol: Updates
ruthie’s top secret diary: I’ve been thinking about voting for months…
Sabrina Faire: Get Out Your Magic 8 Balls
Serenity Now!: Ok, ok, I voted.
Serpentine Dancing Queen: I Voted for Kerry and Obama. Have You Voted?
Shockingly Provincial: And Where is Ross Perot
Spudart: did you vote? was it fun?
Strange Dog: Vote
sugarcrook: And I approved this message.
tekwh0re: Vote!
The Glittering Eye: A quick break
The Punk Vault: Two new
the redhead papers: Is it tomorrow yet?
The Wordmistress: Shaking in My Boots
Thirsty: As the nation ponders…
Unlucky in Love: Well, I voted this morning
Uptown Militia: It’s go time
Ursula’s Not So Secret History: The Poor Voter on Election Day
Verbal Diaryea: Lick Bush in 2004
WeEbLeLaNd: Vote!
Whatever It Is, I’m Against It: My vote, II
Woops!: So exciting!
Write On, Megs: Incase you’re wondering…
YamJunkie: The Ass or The Elephant?
Zulkey: Today is the day to, uh, do something.

8 Comments so far

  1. Danny Howard (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2004 @ 8:27 pm

    Thanks for the link. Don’t let the election drive you too crazy. :)

  2. paul (unregistered) on November 3rd, 2004 @ 12:05 pm

    Missed me, but that’s okay, it looked like a lot of work.

  3. Fuzzy (unregistered) on November 3rd, 2004 @ 12:18 pm

    Gotcha, Paul. Gosh those chads are cute.

    And, my apologies to some of the people I’ve linked to — MovableType keeps sending some of you a trackback every time I add to the list, even though I thought I had told it not to.

  4. Roger M. Christian (unregistered) on August 15th, 2005 @ 3:13 pm


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