Ruined for Hotels FOREVER

I am going to disclose straight from the get-go: I could never ever EVER afford to stay at any of Chicago’s top rated hotels, and certainly not the hotel that Zagat rated #3 in the country. But one of the great perks of having a significant other that works in the Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton (which is owned by the Four Seasons) is being able to stay free of charge at any Four Seasons globally. Sure, I might only get to see him a total of 15 hours a week (and we live together), but I found out that my patience and understanding paid back with interest.

Because Matt’s yearly anniversary at the Ritz was coming up, he had to use his rooms since they don’t rollover. So we stayed at the Four Seasons this weekend on a mini vacation. I know all about the superior service and courtesy and blah blah blah. You hear about crap like that all the time. But staying there really is other-worldly. We were upgraded to an executive suite, which was so over-the-top crazy that it prompted me to freak out like a 5 year old for a good 30 minutes. The attention to detail is amazing. We ordered room service, and the smallest things did not pass them. I got a smoked salmon plate, which had the traditional accompaniments in tiny little wee bowls that were ALL INDIVIDUALLY CHILLED. Stuff like that just blew my mind.

Their pool is ridiculously amazing. Ridiculously. The dome in the middle of the pool is a domed skylight that looks straight up with a magnificent view, and there are floor to ceiling windows looking out onto Michigan Ave.

I could go on for days like a giddy schoolgirl, but will just stop myself by saying that the Zagat rating is totally and utterly warranted. If you ever EVER have a chance to go there, if just for dinner in the cafe or for drinks, I highly highly highly recommend it. You will be treated like royalty for the entire evening.

Again, I might be biased. And I know normal people could never do this. It is insane and ridiculously decadent. But let’s say you win $1,000 on a scratchy ticket and are wondering how to spend it…. Yeah, something like that. I would recommend moving this experience straight to the top of your list. You won’t regret it.

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  1. Ed Brill (unregistered) on November 23rd, 2004 @ 5:25 pm

    Yet the Four Seasons chain is a bit inconsistent, IMHO. I’ve stayed at the Seattle and Toronto locations.

    Seattle was pretty nice, down to the ice cubes already in the ice bucket before checking in bit. But at 11 PM, there was no food service available.

    Toronto is a big box hotel with no charm. Sure, they hang a wall tapestry or two, but it seemed incongruous with the pre-cast concrete architecture. I wasn’t impressed.

    Glad to hear that Chicago is worth its ratings.

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