new year’s resolution, if i must

yeah well, i kinda don’t believe in new year’s resolutions…only because i think any resolution i make should start asap, but this one is tied to the holidays, so labeling new years is what it is.

anyway, i’m banning starbucks on-the-go. and the reason i didn’t start it in early december, when i first considered it, is because of those damn peppermint mochas. after 5 weeks, i finally got sick of them and am ready to bite the bullet.

there are several reasons 1) supporting the mom & pops; 2) wasting my life since i always go out of my way to pick-up coffee every morning; and 3) most importantly, the price increases.

annouced last october, starbucks is increasing the price of it’s drinks about 11 cents per cup. the other day, i looked at the cash register as it rang-up $4.25 for a grande skim peppermint mocha. yikes…that’s the price of a reasonable sandwich or cup of soup. apparently everything from the beans, milk, sugar, transportation and healthcare costs drove the company to increase prices. i just don’t buy it. with locations popping up like bunnies, they’re increasing their market share like crazy.

i personally don’t think starbucks should become as widespread as mcdonald’s. i remember the first drive-through starbucks i saw and was just turned off. the point is to sit and relax and hang-out like a lounge. the coffeeshop for the tv show “friends” or “seinfeld” were not meant for to-go or take away — and that’s a lot to say for both being set in nyc. those of us who have been going for years knew starbucks for the atmosphere, the conversation, the relaxation, the meditation. i can’t remember the last time i sat down w/ a good book paired with a warming cup of coffee in a coffeeshop.

if starbucks does want to be the next mcdonald’s — then they should be just as cheap. i’ll pay 99 cents for a mcburger and my mc coffee should cost the same.

so if you see me walking down the street w/ a cup designed w/a pretty little green mermaid in my hand, it was either shoved into my hand by force or i was experiencing a slight relapse. in either case, you have the right to reprimand me, at which time i’ll take a final sip, dump the cup and feel better about stopping the addiction and not supporting the commoditization of a good cup of coffee. anyone else care to join me?

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  1. tom (unregistered) on January 4th, 2005 @ 4:23 pm

    already joined you. i can’t stand starbucks. try cafe ballou in ukrainian village. it just turned 1 year old yesterday, has an awesome staff, and would appreciate the business.

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